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The Chéhadé brothers, composers and interpreters of their songs, are from Jerusalem where they were born and raised in a family where art had a prominent place.

Their home was an open house for poets and musicians. Together, they can play all Arabic instruments, such as oud, bouzok, kanoun, violon, double bass, cello, nay, chabbabeh, tabla, katem, riq …).

Well known in their country, where they participated in all important concerts and trained bands that became famous, they represented Palestine in almost all the capitals of the world. But the 2 young brothers (25 and 26 years old) were dreaming of another career, not only limited to patriotic or revolutionary songs and cultural festivals… They wanted a "popular" career, with all the implication this word carries.

Their debut album "Café de la Méditéranée" comprises 10 songs in the " light popular tarab" mood with Greek, Balkan and Turkish influences. The lyrics (written for the most part by the poet Elia Azar) are full of humor, and the melodies could be qualified with the subtle Arabic notion of "inaccessible easiness".

The Chéhadé brothers are accompanied by a bouzoq, a bouzouki, a oud, a violin, an accordion, a clarinet, a kanoun, a double-bass and three percussionists.

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