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" Who said you could not draw quarter tones from a piano? "

Aleph (" because it is the first letter of the alphabet, and also because it is purely middle eastern ") discovered music at the age of 3 years. Playing on a small wooden piano, where black keys are falsely black because they are just painted on the white keys…

He tried to reconstruct familiar tunes but he could not. His parents had to get him his first "real" piano… But while he succeeded perfectly with occidental melodies, oriental tunes eluded him… Something was missing, but what was it?

He got mad, persevered and finally discovered what was missing: the "quarter tone" of oriental music.

Aleph, crazy about his keyboard, passionate about sounds, could not stop until he tamed the occidental piano. He wanted to express the Orient with the means of the Occident, with no makeup or subterfuge.

What characterizes Aleph? His fingering, his rhythmic upbeat style, his ease in improvisation and adaptation, his harmonies and original resonance.

A self-taught man of genius, Aleph believes only in personal effort, practice and intuition. Yet he gracefully acknowledges that his " academic detours " have provided his art with the necessary classical and technical basis.

Aleph holds a diploma in Music Theory from the USEK (Lebanon) (first diploma in classical piano); he graduated (as a valedictorian) in Music Listening from the National Conservatoire of Kharkov (Ukraine). He is currently working on a degree in Harmony from the same conservatoire.

He has received several awards, starting with the First Prize at the "Concours des Musiciens des Ecoles Françaises" that he won at age 7. They include the first prize in Musical Composition organized by the Art Center of the United Nations for his original piece "Waiting for the End," and the First Prize of Dictee Musicale organized by the National Conservatoire of Kharkov (Ukraine),

If, as the saying goes, music is an inner plenitude that its interpreters transmit to their auditors, then yes, Aleph is an inhabited artist that stirs enthusiasm, emotion and incredulous astonishment.

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