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Dictée de Pivot

Bernard Pivot @ the Music Hall
December 2004

   For the first time since its inclusion in 2001   within the span of French cultural events in Lebanon, the last "Dictée de Pivot" took place at the Music Hall.  

The venue was the ideal place to evoke the past and still uninterrupted artistic affiliation between France and Lebanon since the World War II.

The occurrences of numerous stars "de la chanson française" on Lebanese stages was remembered through a projection of old photographs and movie extracts of the time, leaving behind pairs of eyes sparkling of nostalgia.

Alongside with Mr. Pivot, was Jean-Michel Boris here to represent the most famous of all music halls, the Olympia, to which he dedicated 47 years of his life; André Elefteriades, to whom Beirut owes the occurrence of artists among the most renowned – Bécaud, Aznavour, Moustaki; as well as Michel and Jean Elefteriades that have enriched the artistic Lebanese scene with the opening of the Music Hall.









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